Too soon to talk about sex?

So I came across this excerpt the other day about how Jada Pinkett Smith revealed on her FB show Red Table Talk that her grandmother taught her to ‘Self Pleasure’ herself when she was 9. I was like…

Ms J.

What?! At 9? With grandma? Really?

I have no doubt that kids are curious. Rather they are reaching between their legs while getting their diapers changed or messing with their private parts in the tub, they definitely want to know about it. That doesn’t mean I am ready to talk to them about it or what to do with it, let alone how to use it to their own advantage. Not at nine, not at ten, eleven or even 12.

I recently got busted by my daughters teacher because she would go to wash her hands at school every time she finished playing with a boy. Why? Because as her mom it was my duty to inform her that boys have cooties, and that her hands could fall off if she didn’t wash her hands after playing with boys. This was my response after I caught her blushing when she talked about a little boy in her class. Hey, I already said I wasn’t perfect. In any case, that same day my daughter came home telling me that I was wrong and that her teacher told her EVERYONE has cooties, not just boys. I know I was wrong, but if this is how I deal with her blushing over a boy, can you imagine our talks about sex. At nine?! I’d probably tell her that storks deliver babies and sex is something that could make you go blind.

Sex is not anything I would EVER have imagined discussing with either of my grandma’s. They were old school. And yet, there is a part of me that wouldn’t have mind having that conversation with them now that I am an adult. They were strong ladies, but if you upset them, they’d tell you about yourself. This could have made for an interesting conversation to add to the many unforgettable conversations we had…but not at 9.

Yeah, I was wrong for telling my oldest her hands would fall off if she didn’t wash them after playing with boys, but I panicked! Clearly it was one of my less than perfect moments.

If my kids ask me about sex at nine, I’m telling them it’s something that will make them go blind and that they should tell all of their friends, LOL!

The P.I. Mom

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