Where is the humanity?

 While enjoying a romantic dinner over cereal with my husband, we found ourselves discussing something that is on the minds of many Americans this evening, the separation of families at the border wall.

We have the privilege of knowing our kids are safely in our home with us, tucked away and sleeping tight. I feel blessed to have been able to hug and kiss them goodnight. I feel like this is something that should not be taken for granted because there are lots of kids crying themselves to sleep this evening, wondering if their parents are okay and if they will ever see them again. There are parents out there wondering the same thing. There are families desperate to be treated like human beings by other human beings.

Regardless of which side of the aisle the politicians you voted for are sitting on, is it not everyone’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is treated fair, and with decency and respect?

Even if one cannot bring themselves to feel for the parents, what about the children who are in cages this evening crying out for their parents?

I’m heartbroken and keeping them in my prayers.


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