The Journey Begins

Having a baby can definitely throw your body for a loop. Having multiple babies can leave your body feeling defeated. By my third pregnancy, I felt like my body said – Oh, so we’re doing this again? Fine! My body had its own personality and was not happy with me at all. Having gone through this 2 times already, and not too long before at that, by my third pregnancy muscle memory took over and by 3 months, I looked like I did at 6 months with my first. It was all downhill from there.  My booty bulged, my thighs thickened and my nose widened. She (yes, my body took on its own identity)…she became my frenemy. She was both my best friend and my enemy at the same time, and we were in it together. I would literally talk to my body, and I feel like doing so helped the process. This may sound crazy, but It really did help.

Every morning when I would wake up and look in the mirror while brushing my teeth, my body and I would have the same conversation –

Body: Don’t look at me.
Me: But I love you
Body: I can’t stand you right now
Me: You can do this!
Body: Oh, I’m going to do it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make it easy. You make me sick.
Me: I Love you too

Oh body, I love you! It feels so good to tell my body that I love it, because so many times throughout my pregnancies, I did not. But, I took a different approach with my third pregnancy and really made a conscious effort to try to make the best of the experience by turning my body into my best friend. I would talk to my body and laugh with my body when it wouldn’t cooperate….

For example, here’s a conversation I would have with my body while laying in bed like a turtle on its shell, not wanting to get up.

Me: Oh, so you’re just going to lay there like we don’t have to get up and go to work.
Me: Come on, we can do this. 3…2…1…up!
(I wouldn’t Move)
Me: Oh, so you’re really going to be lazy today and not get up?

I know it sounds crazy, but these little conversations with my body helped me to personalize my experience and have fun with it. In my mind, My body sounds like Tiffany Hadish from Girls Trip. Some days she’s like –


Other days, she’s like…


And on Weekends she’s like…


We have fun together. Now, she (my body) and I are preparing to embark on a whole new journey and we are excited about it. It’s the journey back to me. Unlike when I was pregnant and had no control over my body, what it did and how it behaved, this experience will be much different. I’m working on getting back to me so that when I look in the mirror, my body is not only reminded of somebody that she used to know but will hopefully actually see her again too. This isn’t just about losing weight, this is a total mind, body and soul makeover! That’s why I’m calling it a journey.

I don’t want to just lose weight, get back into my jeans and wear my heels more than I wear tennis shoes, I want to rebuild my confidence. I want to feel my best so that I can give my husband, my kids, my family, my friends and most importantly myself – my best! That being said, part of feeling my best is losing some of this lingering baby weight and getting down to a weight I am more comfortable with. This will allow me to wear more of the clothes that I like, not just what’s flattering on my body now. I’m going to say – Bye Bye – to my mommy uniform.

I’m going to start by setting 3 realistic goals for myself every week. One Mind Goal, one Body Goal, and one Soul goal. I’m going to share this journey with you all because hopefully, you will find it useful, but more importantly it will help me to hold myself accountable. I’m also partnering with my husband because we got pregnant together, we put on the weight together, and we are going to get in shape together. Having a partner definitely helps. Feel free to join us!

This week’s Goals:

Mind: In order to successfully do this, I have realized that I have to love my body the way she is now. I have to appreciate her and not be too hard on her. The same way she toughed through my three pregnancies, I know she wants to get through this. So I’m choosing to love my body at every stage along this journey and appreciate her for all of the hard work she has put in up to this point and will put in going forward.

Body: Now that my baby is eating a decent amount of table food, and my milk production is not suffering, I feel like I can kick up my dieting a bit. My goal is to lose 2 lbs this week. Ambitious I know. I started the week at 159. (we’ve had company the past couple of weekends so I fell of the wagon a bit). I’m cutting the carbs and doing my own version of a Keto diet. I won’t lie, I did see a weight loss when I tried it a few weeks back , but I also lost so much energy that I almost passed out at work. This let me know that I needed to increase my carb intake. If like me, you are a nursing mom, cutting out carbs completely is not an option. You’ve got to maintain a healthy carb intake to continue to stay healthy, produce milk, and keep your energy up. I read an article that suggested a minimum of 50 grams of carbs per day. I need about 80 to 90 to stay healthy. But, you should definitely talk to a doc about what’s best for you.

Here’s what I’m cutting out of my diet this week:

  • Bread
    Non-natural Sugars (candy, cake, cookies…)

Instead of Green Tea Fraps from Starbucks, I’m trying this greens juice mix that I got from Costco.

green juice


I’ve been drinking it every morning, and I like it.

For some, 2 lbs may not seem like a lot, but when you have kids that like to eat everything and shove food into your mouth, losing 2 lbs and more importantly keeping it off, is a big deal. Huge! (in my Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

Strong: When I became a mom, my maternal instincts kicked in and I became aggressive and defensive in an attempt to be protective. It was overkill and nothing like I really am. I want to be peaceful and I want my life to be filled with Joy. This can be difficult with the state of the world these days, but not impossible. Lately, I have been starting my day by saying to myself “I am choosing joy. I am choosing peace.” This has been very helpful, so I’m going to stick with it.

My Short term goal:


I purchased these blue dresses for my daughters and myself to match on the 4th of July. This is an ambitious goal, but I like to shoot for the sky. It’s further motivation for me to be serious about getting in shape and sticking with it this time. Hopefully on the 4th of July, I’ll be able to post a pic of the 3 of us matching in our dresses. T-13 days and counting.

Stay tuned!

The P.I. Mom

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