Journey update part 3

As you can see, I wore my blue dress! But, the week as a whole wasn’t easy.

dull yay

Here’s a recap of last week’s goals:

Mind: I wanted to listen to my body more and control my urges better.

Body: I kept with my 2lb weight loss goal with a hope of weighing 155 by the end of the week. My limitations were:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Non-Natural Sugars –

I was allowing myself french fries and committed to trying to do 25 crunches in the morning and night…

Update: I’d love to say I was successful because my weight is down…But…It was definitely for lack of trying.

Update & New Goals:
Mind: I wasn’t too in love with my body this week because Aunt Flow came to visit and my body kept saying ” give me sweet and salty stuff… so I did. I ate whatever I wanted so my household could remain sane. Thankfully I still had enough willpower to try to add in some healthy stuff, but for the most part, it was junk. Oh, and I didn’t do any crunches, not 1.


Phew, I feel much better having gotten that off my chest. I am now focused and back on track. Still making it a point to love my body at every stage and size.

Body: The scale was all over the place this week. I gained the expected 5 lbs in water weight, so I just avoided the scale like the plague until recently. In spite of the 5 lb weight gain, after my body went back to normal my final weight was 152 lbs. Which means I exceeded my goal of 155 by 3 lbs. So, for breakfast, I’m having waffles!


New weight goal: 2 lbs. I’m sticking with 2 lbs a week because it is feasible. So my goal is to weigh in at 153 or less by next week.

Soul: I recently lost my grandma, and my head was all over the place. My kids and their innocence really helped me through. So this week, I am choosing joy because I know my grandma can now rest in peace.

If you’ve decided to join in on this journey, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to write me at Don’t be discouraged by my lack of effort this week, and don’t be too hard on yourself when Aunt Flow pays you a visit. Just give your body what it wants, and your family a peaceful household.

Staying Motivated!

The P.I. Mom

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