Keep Calm and Carry On

With it being as hot as it is, it can be more difficult to keep calm when kids are well, being kids. Patience can be at an all-time low because heat is known to make people cranky. Things that would otherwise just roll off our backs normally, can trigger a very different reaction when it is hot. That being said, kids may be able to call your name 20 times in the winter before you say “WHAT?!”, as compared to 7 times in the summer. Okay, 20 may be a bit extreme. But hopefully, you get my point.

(Click the image to see the video)
With temperatures being over 100 degrees all weekend long, I found myself having a few moments where I had to take a step back and remind myself to try a little harder with my little ones when they weren’t listening and or doing as told. You know, when they look right at you while you were talking and yet somehow managed to hear nothing at all…
blank stare.gif
Yeah, I’m talking about those moments.
Then there are the moments when you talk to them and get no response, so you repeat yourself. Then you finally stop and ask “Do you hear me talking to you?” Their responses vary based on what they are doing.
There’s the “I’m only partially paying attention,  are you done talking so I can go do what I am scheming to do” response.
excited yes
The “Yeah, sure…whatever I’m tired” response.
  tired yes.gif
And the best of all, the “Yes I hear you but I am way too excited about what I am doing to care” response. And they’re words are in sync with their movements…
 karate kid yes
And then there is the attitude response.
Yes, it’s cute. But, when my kids do this after I’ve asked them to do something multiple times, I do my best to keep my cool, but on the inside, I am like –
I say all this to say, we as parents we aren’t perfect. We get annoyed also and want to just flip out, but we can’t (at least we shouldn’t) because we have kids. Take it day by day and remember how stinking adorable they are when they are good and sweet. Kids are sometimes like Sour patch kids. They have both a sweet and sour side, and yet you just can’t get enough.


The P.I. Mom

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