My “Get Fit” Journey Update (The Inside Out Edition)

Much like the girl in Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out, I too find myself suffering from an internal conflict. I’ve gotta be honest. I didn’t do that great of a job diet wise this week, but I did meet my goal…barely.

So, for this update, I thought it best to go ahead and introduce you to my Mind and Soul personas, as I have with my body. Here’s what’s going on.
I wish I could boast about how great I’m doing with my journey, and how I have lost more weight than I planned with pounds to spare…but I didn’t. My goal was 153 (even though I was down to 152) last week, and I weighed in at 153. This is why I kept with my 2 lb goal. This hiccup was expected. I’m not perfect. I’ll get back on track.
Mind: Meet my mind.
If I had to personify my mind like my body, my mind would be Poppy from Trolls. Super Optimistic, happy, and a great can-do attitude. Mentally, I am in the game. My mind is in it. I see things and I tell myself that I need to make smart and healthy choices. Choose the water instead of the juice. Choose the oatmeal instead of the cereal…Mentally I was and still am prepared.
Body: My body was on strike.
Because my body didn’t’t seem to give a —–, everything was off. My mind was telling me to make the healthy choices, but my body kept demanding chips, beer, french fries… But then my Mind stepped in like –
“No, don’t eat that bag of chips. It’s not good for you. You’ve put in so much efort. Stay the course. You can do this!”
Then my body lost it and went off on my mind. She said –
not playing games
“Shut Up! I Have been eating and drinking all of this healthy stuff you’ve been putting in front of me for weeks now, and yes, I have seen the results. But, if you don’t give me what I want, I will shut all of this down!”
and my Mind was pretty much like…
So, my body won. I gave in to its demands, and now I have to live with the consequences. My energy has been low, and I am riddled with guilt as a result of poor dieting choices. Oh, body, you got what you wanted, can we please get back on track now? Sticking with my 2 lb. a week goal. Aiming for 151 by Monday morning…we’ll see how I finish this week.
Soul: Meet My Soul.
My Soul is a butterfly that is always in motion and full of glitter. It just wants peace between my mind and bossy body and often steps in to provide balance through mediation. It keeps me centered and ultimately sides with whichever makes it feel best. Whatever is most nourishing for my soul. This week, my body clearly won, but my soul knows that next week, it’s back to making healthy choices so I can get back to feeling better, having more energy, and holding my husband accountable as well.
I’m remaning optomistic, but won’t be surprised if I fall short on my goal this week. Everyone falls off the bike, but success is for the ones who get back on it.
The P.I. Mom

2 thoughts on “My “Get Fit” Journey Update (The Inside Out Edition)

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  1. moderation. period. You just have to make a deal with your body that if I give you this stuff a little at a time you have to be okay with ALL the healthy stuff otherwise.

    -Brother Bear


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