My High Heel Challenge

I’m wearing high heels for 1 week straight to exercise my legs! Who’s with me? I know what you are thinking, what does high heels have to do with working out?

Well, everything! Do you know how much effort goes into making walking in high heels look effortless? Ok, if you wear them often, not much, but even the pro’s trip and/or fall from time to time.
I  did this just yesterday. Thankfully not to this extreme, and thankfully no one saw. Before kids, I owned 1 pair of tennis shoes and the rest were heels, wedges, platform heels…you name it.
lots of high heels
I loved heels and my lower body was in the best shape ever! After kids, my heels had to go up so I could wear shoes that allow me to chase after my little ones like tennis shoes, slip-on’s, sandals…pretty much flat shoes.
They are also cute. But, as a result, my feet began to hurt constantly. Tennis shoes were easier to be more active, but not necessarily more comfortable. Also, I noticed that my booty was not so bootylicious anymore. It started to lose its pop and blend in with my thigh. I literally looked in the mirror one day and asked out loud “where did my booty go?” This was not ok, and booty pads that could give me the perfectly shaped fake booty was NOT an option. I knew what I had to do, start wearing heels again.
High heels have always been a very effortless and fashionable way of working out my legs, thighs, abs, confidence, and of course, my booty. They force me to stand up straighter, suck in and hold my abs a bit tighter, and by the end of the day, my legs let me know that they felt the burn. Not enough to make me not want to wear them anymore, but enough to make me look at my legs in the mirror and say “Yesssssss”, with attitude.
I’m working on it all, my legs, my abs, my confidence…it’s all apart of my journey back to being able to look in the mirror and see someone I am in love with. I’m not worried about what others think. Me being happy in my own skin is better for everyone, especially my family. Self-image, identity, and love are so important. That’s why we need to love our bodies at every stage and size and strive for what makes us happiest, big or small. Ultimately Health is what matters most, and that includes mental and emotional health.
All this being said, I’m starting a high heel challenge where I am challenging myself to wear high heels every day for a week straight. I’ll be wearing my wedge tennis shoes when I am with the kids and wedges for family time that is less active. But at work especially, heels only! It doesn’t matter if a woman has a smaller shape or a larger shape. How many women do you know who wear heels all the time that don’t have amazing lower bodies? Not Many.


You better work, ladies! Feel free to pull out those heels you’ve been talking about wearing forever, and join me! These feet were made for walking in heels, and that’s just what I’ll do.
I can feel my inner girly girl rising to the surface!
The P.I. Mom
Side Note: When I went to take my daughter to dance class today, I saw a mom who I’ve spoken to before, and said hello. Halfway through the class she came up to me and said “I saw you earlier, looked you in the eyes and didn’t even recognize you. I thought, oh, they have an older daughter.” I was like –
I’m not only seeing results, others are as well. I’ll include pics upon the conclusion of my journey.


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