My Journey Update (Crash & Burn)

A journey wouldn’t be the same without a few impediments. These past few weeks I have seen high’s and low’s along my Journey back to me, which in many ways has turned into my journey to a new and better version of me. Before I jump into it, I will go ahead and reveal how I performed this week. My weight loss goal was 149. I weighed in this morning at 152.0 That’s right. Not only did I not lose any weight, but I gained a pound.

not embarrasesed
I will be honest, I was a bit disappointed initially, but when I took into consideration my overall performance, and also how I feel about myself and in my own skin, I got over it. Whats more, I know exactly what led to the weight gain, I accept full responsibility, and I know what I need to do going forward. Regardless of whether you are trying to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs, it is not easy. Not only is it not easy, it requires a lifestyle change, and changing lifelong bad habits is not easy either. Slip-ups happen. I expected to stumble, but that doesn’t mean I am happy about it. We are only human friends, let us try not to be too hard on ourselves.
Let’s jump into it!
Mind: As motivated as I was last week, and as much as I tried to make good choices, I just did not. Life got the best of me.
faded poppy
Honestly, I cannot blame my body either.
She did not tell me to eat the junk and she wasn’t craving it either. If anything, she was telling me that it wasn’t good for me and not to eat any of the stuff I knew I shouldn’t have. The truth is, it was a bit of a snowball effect combined with a lack of time and options. The culprit?
Costco! With all of their samples, options, and super cheap food court. How considerate and rude of them at the same time! When we went to Costco last week to buy stuff for the birthday party, I bought a Matcha Green Tea Frappe mix that I had been avoiding because I knew it wasn’t good for me. I bought it for “The girls”. You ever notice how we buy stuff for “the kids” and yet we end up enjoying it? Well, that is what happened. It was Just a drink mix, but so much sugar, and that’s what got me. Additionally,  we were so busy this weekend that I just ate whatever. We were exhausted and so on Saturday, we ordered pizza and zucchini sticks. I was like Pooh and his honey.
So good and not good at the same time. I also had wine (Which I am not giving up), birthday cake ( another birthday party), pasta, milk…Long Story short, I consumed everything that is on my list of things to avoid. Every – Single – One. Did I mention that I did not work out at all this weekend? When I put it like that, knowing I only gained 1 lb isn’t so bad right?
Naomi Judging
WRONG! If I let myself think that way, I may as well throw in the towel now. But, because I’m not planning to mess up again, I have no regrets. It may have set me back a week, but I had so much fun with my husband and kids this weekend, and that was priceless. It is not like I was completely derailed. It is more like I just got off the bike and parked it by a tree for a bit, and now I’m ready to get back on. Which makes both my mind and body happy.
Seriously this time…hopefully. We’ll see. I’ll remain optimistic!
In my daughter’s Tae Kwon Do class, before the start to practice, they start off by reciting the following as a team.
“Focus your eyes, Focus your mind, Focus your body.”
I’m going to show these bad habits I am not to be messed with!
I am going to start applying this to my life as well to keep me focused on moving forward. Focusing my eyes on healthier options, focusing my mind on making healthier decisions, and focusing my body to remember how horrible it feels after having unhealthy food. I’m paying for my mistakes this weekend today, but I am still wearing my heels!
“We fall down but get back up” – Donnie McClurkin
The P.I. Mom

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