If you really love someone, does size really matter?

As a busy mom, my entertainment outlets are limited. This being the case, I often entertain myself with what is going on around me. Allow me to share yesterday’s entertainment.
If you really love someone, does size really matter? I know where your mind is.
sleepless in seattle.gif
Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m not talking about that right now.
So while on my way to the restroom yesterday, I unintentionally overhead two guys talking.
“So, I bought the ring…” one guy said to the other.
nosy 1
My interest was peaked so I slowed down a bit and went from unintentionally overhearing, to downright being nosy.
I couldn’t just stop and interject myself into the conversation, so I quickly used the restroom and slowly walked by to another nearby room. I was actually on my way to that other room which happened to be the mother’s room. I wasn’t just finding a reason to be nosy – though it was convenient.
“I asked her if 1 carat was enough and she said…
I was like –
So then I hurried into the mother’s room to refill my water, then back out to the hallway to hear more of the conversation.
“I mean I get it…” he continued. “This is a once in a lifetime thing, an important piece of jewelry that will mean a lot to her.”
The other guy’s response was -“What about the cut and clarity?”
This got me to thinking. What about the element of surprise? What about the meaning behind the ring? Am I wrong ladies? I’m pretty simple so, to be honest, I had no idea what the 4C’s were until my husband popped the question and made sure to let me know that he considered the 4C’s (carat, color, cut and clarity). I was like the 4 what? Sure, that’s great. Just put the ring on my finger because I accept!
But seriously, does that stuff really matter if you really love someone? I feel like so many men hold off on proposing until they can afford the perfect ring, and so many women would be happy with something small.
If you are going to talk about it, you can’t discuss this –
big ring
And show up with this –
small ring
What if the size didn’t matter? perhaps he would have proposed months ago. The marriage could have already happened. That’s why it is best to let it happen naturally and spontaneously. That’s how the best stories come about. My dad proposed to my mom at an amusement park after finding a gold cigar band under a bench they were sitting on. Yes, he later got her a beautiful traditional ring, but my mom still has that cigar band to this day. I love that story. It is so sweet. It is also a story that I will one day tell my kids.
Big things are nice
But good things come in small packages also. It’s not the gift but the thought and love behind it that matters.
Someone wise once told me that the type of jewelry a man buys a woman reflects how he views her. I hope she appreciates his effort to get it right.
The P.I. Mom


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