5 things I realized about my kids this summer!

I remember when school started the day after Labor Day. Apparently, that’s not the case anymore. For better or worse, LAUSD schools are set to resume in August and I just want to say congratulations, parents. We survived!

Here are 5 things I realized about Summer break now that I have a school age child:

1. Kids Get cabin fever too.

Please note that sharpest focus is on the boy. Very shallow depth of field.

Because they are used to having so much stimulation at school, a summer break actually becomes the exact opposite. They still expect to be active and so you have to find activities to keep them busy.

2. Overstimulation is a very real side effect of keeping the kids active.

over stimulation

Once you have kids, there is never a dull moment. There are always birthday parties, play dates, spontaneous get-togethers… And, sometimes having these things back to back can take its toll. Especially after busy weekends, sometimes my kids just wanted to stay home in their pj’s all day. They didn’t want to go anywhere at all and demanded to stay home. Even just going to the grocery store was too much. But, after a day of rest, they were fine.

3. Little kids can sleep in like teenagers.

sleeping kid.jpg

I know that sleeping for a long time is a sign that a child is growing. But for my kids, this usually happens around nap time. But when they sleep in in the morning…Sometimes I would go up to them and put my finger up to their nose to make sure they were still breathing. Yep, I’m that mom. And trying to wake them up was no easier than waking up my teenage niece.

4. The pool and or water play is the best way to tire out a child


No matter what we did, if it involved water and them getting soaked, by the time bedtime came around they slept and they slept hard. I’m not sure if it is a combination of the hot sun and water, or if it was because they were constantly moving. Whatever the case, playing in the water always meant an easy and hassle-free bedtime.

5. Skipping naps can be a good thing.


I know naps are important, but if our kids were having fun, we let them skip it. If they outright refused to take a nap, we kept going. There were definitely days when they would want to take a nap around 5 pm and we were like…nope! Why? Because we knew that a 5 pm nap meant they would be up all night, and them being up all night would infringe on our 1 on 1 time. This may sound selfish, but we need our 1 on 1 time. SO, we would put on music and dance, go for frozen yogurt, run around in the backyard… Basically, anything that we had to do to keep them going until bedtime, we did it. A plus side to this was that, skipping naps had the same effect as if they had played in water all day and always led to them sleeping through the night. For us this meant one thing…DATE NIGHT!

wine glasses  plus.pngflirting

This has been a fun summer break. We’ve had so much fun with our kids, but now, I am ready to get the kids back on schedule and establish our norm for the new school year. New School. New experiences.
We have our older daughter’s school orientation today and I am so excited. Today, I officially become known as her mom, at her new school anyway. When I’m on campus, I will be her mom, when we run into parents at the grocery store or mall, I will be her mom. Someone may occasionally ask me to remind them of my name because they are so used to referencing me as her mom, and that’s ok because I couldn’t be more honored. I know I have been writing about my journey back to me in some of my other posts, but seriously, being her mom and being known as such is something that I have looked forward to for so long. This is going to be a fun year!



The P.I. Mom

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