Episode 1 of my new podcast is now available!

Fellow Moms, Parents & Busy People,

I am so excited to announce that Episode 1of my new podcast Bad, Bold & Beautiful, is finally available for your listening pleasure to help you through the hump of this week, Wednesday. As a busy mom, I’ve talked to so many other moms who have dreams of doing something other than what they are currently doing. I can relate. Daring to dream and then taking the steps to make my dream happen has been fun, exciting and nervewracking, all at the same time. But, it was so worth it.

In Episode 1, we introduce ourselves and discuss what it was like becoming first-time moms, and now being moms of multiples. We touch on or roles as moms, and wives, the importance of having girlfriends, and rather or not men should hold other men (the friends) accountable for their actions. We also discuss why it is important to make time for yourself because it can sometimes feel as though we are drowning in our motherly and wife roles. And last, but not least, we discuss sex! Its so important and you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. Are you having it, are you not? It’s so necessary to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner and also maintaining your sanity! We aren’t afraid to talk about it.

Hopefully, you can relate, treat yourself, and enjoy an unfiltered conversation with us. Check out Episode 1 by clicking the Listen button in the menu of our site, www.badboldandbeautiful.com

We would love your feedback!


The P.I. Mom

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