10 things kids do that annoy the hell out of me!

Yeah yeah yeah…kids are blessings but they can be real stinkers also. Here are 10 things kids do that annoy the hell out of me, from the least to the most annoying.

10. I can’t stand it when kids (especially bigger kids) are playing around and not watching where they are going, and they almost run one of my kids over. If it is just me I don’t care, I can just turn them around by the top of their head and move them out of my way. But my kids are so little that they almost always get knocked over and that’s when we have a problem.

9. I can’t stand it when my kid coughs or sneeze in my face even though we’ve discussed the way to cough or sneeze if you do not have a tissue is by using the bend of your arm. Then they have the nerve to laugh.

8. I can’t stand it when a kid burps or passes gas out loud and then sits back with a satisfied look and never once says excuse me. Sometimes, given the situation, it is funny if the kid is not my kid.

7. I can’t stand it when my husband and I are trying to sneak in a make-out session and one of the kids walks in and stands in between us like what we were doing was not important, then proceeds to ask a million questions.

6. I can’t stand it when my kids touch EVERYTHING and then they want to touch my face or put their hands in their mouth. It makes me want to put their hand under a microscope just to show them how many germs are on their hands…and now on my face and/or in their mouth.

touch everything

5. I can’t stand it when my kid ask me the same question over 5 times, only to go and ask their dad as though I lied or my answer wasn’t good enough. They ask him just as many times only to go to bed, wake up and start asking the same question all over again.

4. I can’t stand it when my kids try to wipe themselves then walk out of the bathroom with the tissue in hand to show me that they wiped themselves.

3. It’s annoying but funny when my kids unroll a brand new roll of toilet paper onto the floor. My husband will go in and pick it up and put it on a shelf promising that he is going to re-roll it because money doesn’t grow on trees, but he never does.

2. I can’t stand it when my kids are so tired that they just yell and scream uncontrollably until they finally go to bed screaming “I’m not tired!”
Of course your not, and one day your dad will re-roll the toilet paper too.

1. I can’t stand it when I try to get my kids attention by calmly calling their names multiple times just for them to ignore me. This results in me having to yell their name which makes me feel like I am yelling at them, and sometimes I am because it is so FRUSTRATING!

not listening

These are things that kids do that bug the hell out of me and yet, at the end of the day when they tuck in under my arms while cuddling and finally pass out, and I get to stare at their adorable little faces, all the things that my kids did that day to annoy the hell out of me become distant memories. That I either can’t remember or can’t help but to laugh about. I end every day with the same thought…I wouldn’t change a thing.

Tomorrow, I will be a better parent than I was today.

The P.I. Mom

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