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I am the P.I. (Perfectly Imperfect) Mom. Nice to meet you.

I am a Christian, mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, in-law, friend… Most importantly, I am a woman who is only human. I’m also a blogger, and I have a podcast where I go by the name Ellie Elle. You can check out my podcast about life with my co-host Still Chelle, by visiting www.badboldandbeautiful.com or searching for Bad, Bold & Beautiful on Soundcloud.

I enjoy wearing all of these hats and feel so blessed to be able to have so many titles, but I sometimes get so caught up in all of these roles and trying to excel in them, that I find myself often being too hard on myself and forgetting that at the root of it all, I’m only human.

I have an amazing husband who does athletic stunt work which allows him to also wear the hat of a stay at home dad, and he is great at it!. We have 3 beautiful and amazing children, and I’m not just saying that because they are mine. They have their own personalities and they like to challenge us in ways we’d never imagined, and they are the center of our world.

Growing Up I always knew I wanted to be a wife and a mom. Being a mom has proven to be my greatest challenge to date. Nothing has ever tested me more than being a mom. No one has ever challenged me more than my 4 year old, 2 year old and almost 1 year old….Yes, we’ve been busy. It cracks me up when people say “…you’ve been busy!”, whenever my husband and I say we have three kids and reveal their ages. Yes, we’ve been busy getting busy. Thank God! One of the reasons I married my husband was because I am attracted to him and vice versa. That being said, after our 3rd little blessing, I sent him to the doctor.

I created this blog because I feel like parents, people thinking about becoming parents and people who are like parents, need a safe space where they can let their hair down, sip some wine, and be in the presence of other parents who can relate, be honest and admit that yes, I love being a parents but damnit, I need a minute too. I’m not perfect, but my kids love my imperfections, so I am perfectly Imperfect for them.

All parents have a story and can really be a great support for each other because as much as I love being a mom, I can admit that it isn’t always easy. I think It’s important to have a safe place where we can be honest about that fact, and have real, honest and open discussions without judgement about anything because everything affects parenting. So, I hope to hear from you, but if you just want to read and relate, that’s fine too.


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